Lyme Disease Resources

In April of 2018, we had a program at the Community Center about Lyme Disease. This program was well attended and brought a lot of information to the table. We have compiled some of that information here to share.

Ticks and Lyme Disease

* Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria

* It is transferred to humans through a bite of an infected Deer Tick

* 20% of baby ticks “nymphs” are carriers and 50% of adult ticks are carriers

* 5 things are needed to get Lyme disease

1. Lyme bacteria

2. A tick to transmit the bacteria

3. Deer and mice to provide food (their blood) for the ticks

4. A bite from an infected tick

5. Time an infected tick needs to be attached for transmission, in most cases is 24 - 48 hours and maybe less for nymphs (18 hours).

* Tick Removal and follow-up

1. Grasp tick close to the skin & pull straight up

2. Clean site & your hands with soap & water or rubbing alcohol

3. Mark the date on your calendar

4. If you develop a rash, fever or flu like symptoms within several weeks post removal, see your doctor and tell your doctor when & where you were bitten

Prevention is important and daily tick checks are essential.

Additional Resources:

Lyme Disease Prevention Tips from the LDA of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Centers for Disease Control Lyme Disease Resources

Tick Encounter Resource Center

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society

Lyme Centers and Clinics in Our Area:

Lyme Center of New England (Cumberland, RI): 401-334-5963

Rhode Island Hospital Lyme Disease Clinic: 401-444-5280

Lifespan Lyme Disease Clinic (Miriam Hospital): 401-793-4020

Dr. Rau’s Biological Medicine: 877-208-1653

Mary Guerenabarrena: (Ayurvedic consultant) 401-864-8006