The Little Compton Wellness Center is proud to offer a wide variety of health and wellness services to our community through our partnerships with highly trained professionals. In particular, our programs are led by the following skilled leaders:

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rosa volpe, kripalu yoga teacher and sound healer

Rosa is a Reiki Master, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner and JourneyDance Facilitator.  She teaches Chair Assisted Yoga.  If getting up and down from the floor is a challenge for you but you want to practice yoga - this is the class for you.  Some of the poses will be practiced while sitting on the chair and others while you are standing using the chair for support or for balance.  The exciting part of this class is the experience of deep yoga practice that helps you become more independent of the chair as the weeks progress.  Your balance, strength and flexibility will improve.  Each class will end with a sitting meditation with alchemy crystal and Tibetan singing bowls.

Rosa is currently on leave and will return to the LC Wellness Center April, 2020.


Jen Meyer,  Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

Jen is a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor who utilizes a holistic approach to training with a broad range of clients. She teaches the Adaptive Exercise Class for Increased Movement at the Wellness Center.

Jen has worked in a variety of fitness environments and continues to work with individuals and groups in their homes, at the Sakonnet Point Club, the Little Compton Community Center, Innerlight Center for Yoga and Meditation and at the Little Compton Wellness Center. She is also a licensed physical therapy assistant.

Adaptive Exercises classes are for adults with mobility issues. It is an individualized adaptive exercise program to get you moving again. The program focuses on gentle strength training, balance and flexibility. Each individual will work within his or her comfort level as this program is adapted to individual needs.


Nicole Lebreux, Gentle Yoga

Nicole Lebreux has been practicing yoga for over a decade and became a teacher in 2014 to share her passion with others. Nicole’s classes are mindful, intuitive, and meditative. She loves introducing beginners to the many benefits of yoga in the body, mind, and spirit. She has used her personal yoga practice to cope with seasonal depression, ease lower back and knee pain and infuse her life with more joy and less stress.

Physical, emotional, and spiritual strength, flexibility, and balance are also attained in her classes. Nicole provides a welcoming space where you are free to practice your yoga without expectations or judgement. She has trained with Cathy Cesario of Spirit Tree Yoga and Alison Bologna of Shri Urban Revitalization Yoga and is a registered RYT - 200 teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Nicole looks forward to learning with you on the yogic path!


Mary Derbyshire, Ex Tension Exercise

Mary Derbyshire has taught aerobics and fitness for thirty years and is certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique since 1995 and has taught everywhere from Dublin, Ireland, to Chicago, Illinois. Mary has recently authored Agility at Any Age: Discover the secret to Balance, Mobility, and Confidence. Keeping her students moving with ease and joy are her goals.


Angela Denham, Yin/Restorative Yoga

Angela Denham is a holistic practitioner with an extensive education as a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Yin yoga instructor and ear candling practitioner. Her intention is to facilitate healing through mind, body and spirit thus empowering individuals to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Angela’s passion to share Yin/Restorative Yoga is keen and this practice is beneficial to balance the body’s energy and flexibility. This particular style of yoga is very unique in that it is the only yoga that bypasses muscles, works with the breath and releases stress. The tendons and ligaments are stressed by holding poses for a period thus restoring hydration to the body through the fascia. It also allows bone creation through the stressing of tendon/bone attachment being stretched. The benefits of this practice are extensive and it’s recommended to add this to your own personal toolbox to promote movement and flexibility. Great class for all levels.

“Change your thinking, Change your life"


Colleen Shea, Tai Chi

Colleen is a certified Tai Chi instructor, and has actively practiced this art for seventeen years.  Tai Chi is a gentle, low impact, mind-body exercise that improves coordination, balance, agility, health and well-being.  Many more benefits are documented by available evidence based published studies. The basic "Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention" program is a short Sun Style Tai Chi form with high stances and agile stepping for gentle joint movement.  This is excellent starting place for beginners and may be practiced by anyone and everyone who wants a gentle, low impact exercise for better health.

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Level One Wisdom Healing Qigong Teacher
Irene has been teaching an introductory Qigong class on Saturday mornings. She is now a certified teacher and will continue with classes starting June 22, every Saturday from 10 am - 11:30 am. In this class she will be teaching the beginning Awakening Vitality Method practice and gradually introducing Sound Healing and Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down practices.

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Jane Weatherby, Reflexologist

Jane has a Masters Certificate in Reflexology and has been working with this modality since 2012. Her passion is to facilitate natural healing and encouraging the innate wisdom of the body to change and heal itself. Therapeutic Reflexology provides a means to balance the body system, reduce pain and achieve homeostasis.
She will be taking appointments at the Wellness Center on Mondays. Please call her for an appointment or if you have questions. 401-378-8552.



Joanne O'Neil, Psychotherapist & Herbalist

Joanne has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1987, integrating dynamic psychotherapy, transpersonal vision, insight dialogue, contemplative practices, and western herbalism in a uniquely holistic approach to emotional and physical wellness. She will be seeing clients by appointment at the Wellness Center on Thursday afternoons.
Joanne began a small, wholesale, organic herbal tea business, Moonrise Medicinals, in 1998.
She delights in knowing the larger public is quietly discovering the delicious and healing properties of plant medicines through her handcrafted tea blends, one teapot at a time.