The Little Compton Wellness Center is proud to offer a wide variety of health and wellness services to our community through our partnerships with highly trained professionals. In particular, our programs are led by the following skilled leaders:


Dermot Hayes, Massage Therapist (LMT)

Dermot grew up in Little Compton and operates his dad's "Town Barber Shop". Graduating with honors from Bristol Community College Therapeutic Massage Program, Dermot has worked for a leading massage chain for the past three years.

Services by Appointment, Wednesdays Only. Please Contact Dermot to Schedule Your Massage.

Pam Sorrentino.jpeg


Pam has been practicing massage therapy since 1989 when she graduated from Bancroft School of Massage.  She lived in Little Compton for many years practicing massage and energy work before moving to Maine where she still lives for half the year.  If you want an incredible relaxing massage blended with energy work, you will enjoy her massages! 

Services by Appointment, Mondays Only.  Please contact Pam to Schedule Your Massage.

Sue Vandal.jpeg

Sue Vandal, massage therapist (lmt)

Sue is a resident of Little Compton and is a recent graduate of the CCRI Massage Therapy program.  In addition to her degree she is certified in hospital based oncology massage and did training at Roger Williams Hospital.  Sue feels that massage is something she needed to be a part of and share with others.

Services by Appointment, Fridays Only.  Please contact Sue to Schedule Your Massage.


Dr. Alan Lechan, Podiatry Clinic

Dr. Alan Lechan received his degree from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine  and did a Residency at the Cambridge Hospital in Cambridge, MA. He has been a valued and convenient resource to the Little Compton and surrounding communities for over thirty years.