The Little Compton Wellness Center is proud to offer the following programs to our community. In addition, check out our special programming page to see additional offerings available this month!

Tai Chi

Mondays from 12:30 - 1:30pm

Taught by Colleen Shea

Improve balance, co-ordination, agility and flexibility. Increase your confidence and decrease your risk of falling by practicing meditative movement.

All levels.

Yin Restorative Yoga

Tuesdays from 8:30-9:30am

Taught by Angela Denham

Yin Yoga is a very unique style of yoga in that it is the only yoga that bypasses muscles, allowing tendons and ligaments to be stressed by holding poses for a period. This restores hydration to the body through the fascia.

All levels.

Ex.Tension Exercise with Mary Derbyshire

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-11:30am

Taught by Mary Derbyshire

Join Mary for a lively exercise and movement class coupled with the Alexander Technique to improve balance and increase mobility. Mary has taught movement and fitness for over 30 years.

All levels.


This program is currently on hold but will resume April, 2020.  Watch for details.

Taught by Rosa Volpe

If getting up and down from the floor is a challenge for you but you want to practice yoga, this is the class for you.  Some of the poses will be practiced while sitting on the chair, others using the chair for balance.  As you practice, your balance, strength and flexibility will improve.


Gentle Yoga

Thursdays from 8:30-9:45am

Taught by Nicole Lebreux

This is a beginner friendly, all levels yoga practice.  We will slowly explore movement, breath and meditation in a supportive community with no expectations.  Come join us in the beautiful and peaceful meditation garden during the summer.  Practice will be held indoors during inclement weather and during the winter.

All Levels

Adaptive Exercise

Fridays from 3:00-3:45pm

Taught by Jen Meyer

This class is designed to increase strength, balance and coordination.  Exercises are performed seated or using the chair for support and incorporate resistance bands, balls and weights to create a fun workout that will keep you moving and feeling your best.

All Levels

Exercise Class for Balance

Fridays from 10:00-11:00am

If you have ever fallen, or have a fear of falling, this is where you need to be.  Easy, light exercising to strengthen your body...for men and women alike.

Wisdom Healing  Qigong

Satursdays from 10:00-11:30am

Taught by Irene Cyr

Qigong is a 5,000 year old healing art that originated in China.  Through considerable research, Wisdom Healing Qigong has developed into a scientific system of working with energy to cure disease and improve life.  Irene is now a certified teacher. In this class she will be teaching the beginning Awakening Vitality Method practice and gradually introducing Sound Healing and Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down practices.
Cost: $18 per class or $80 for 6 weeks.
Please call to register.

Therapeutic Massage

Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment only

Provided by Sue Vandal

Please call Sue at 401-261-4290 to make an appointment

Adult Wellness CliniC

The last Thursday of the month from 11:00am-12:00pm

Offered by Nan Haffenreffer, Sponsored by Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice

Nan checks blood pressure, gives vitamin B-12 shots and discusses individual health questions

Podiatry Clinic

The last Thursday of the month from 10:00am-2:00pm

Offered by Alan Lechan, D.P.M.

By appointment only: please call (508) 679-6169

Reiki and Sound Healing

This program is currently on hold but will resume April, 2020.  Watch for details.

Provided by Rosa Volpe

Call or text 401-297-9115 for an appointment


Mondays by appointment

Provided by Jane Weatherby

Her passion is to facilitate natural healing and encouraging the innate wisdom of the body to change and heal itself. Therapeutic Reflexology provides a means to balance the body system, reduce pain and achieve homeostasis.

Please call her for an appointment or if you have questions. 401-378-8552.

Holistic Psychotherapy

Thursdays by appointment only

Provided by Joanne O’Neil


Tuesdays by appointment only.

Provided by Cyrie Barnes

Please call Marsha Riccardi for information. 401 592-0400